Eco Friendly Packaging Materials and Shipping Supplies

For companies and small businesses looking to replace packaging materials, products and systems, here is a collection of some of the more environment friendly / eco friendly packaging and shipping supplies on the market in Canada and USA. Product application include alternatives for general packaging needs as well as specific packaging replacement options such as: cardboard packaging, poly packaging, void fill / packing peanuts, bubble packaging wrap and more.

Next see the environment friendlier packaging materials and shipping supplies that are smart for businesses concerned about the environment, interested in reducing carbon footprint and effectively looking after the bottom line with usable solutions.

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Stretch Wrap Machine With Scale Solutions

Stretch Wrap Machine With Scale Solutions

If you want to weigh stretch wrapper  pallet loads, there are machines that are factory installed  weighing scales and must be set up at time of order not after. and there are other stretch wrap equipment manufactureror that offer the scale as an optional add one after that may be added (retrofited later).

The following are some of the stretch wrap equipment to familiarize yourself with and compare suitabilty for your pallet packaging operation. Once you have done your research and listed leading solutions, then compare features and functionality to determine top 3 that are a best fit. Choosing one from three is much easier than one from a dozen options. Also keep in mind where you buy from is just as important (if not more important) than what you buy. A good source will be able to provide post sale support with things like professional installation services, consulting, parts, repair, maintenance, retrofits, warranty etc.

Next start the review of equipment options.

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Best Case Erecting Equipment Solution List

The Shortlist For Finding The Best Case Erector For Your Application

Finding the Best Case Erecting Equipment Solution is a challenging task. The answer can differ depending on a number of variables including: application, needs to integrate with other packaging systems, short term and long term goals and budget.

When shopping the market, buyers should be clear on what they need or want from a system  for their specific application and then get familiar with proven corrugate packaging system solution manufacturer brands and then find local packaging equipment distributors that can provide the expert consulting along with complete post sale support services.

Today’s post serves to help make case erector shopping easier with a short list of case erectors with demonstration videos by leading manufacturers names giving for both random and uniform sized box erecting.

Next start discovery journey to finding the best case erector solution by review of the top brands such as Loveshaw Little David, Lantech, Combi, Pearson and more

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Are Case Sealers Better Than Hand Taping Boxes?

For small packaging operations hand taping boxes is the most common process. As output needs increase and or requirements for higher quality output and or cost efficiencies, the interest in learning about leveraging case sealers is an inevitable next step. Typically the most common reason that determines readiness for leveraging more case sealing equipment or any packaging equipment for that matter is output volume increases.

Depending on industry application needs and output needs there can be many reasons as to why and when it is the right time to Replace Hand Taping with Case Sealers. Packaging Solution Blog summarizes reasons which are highlighted in the following.

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Environment Friendly Shrink Wrap Packaging and Shipping Solutions

Shrink wrapping is an incredibly versatile and economical packaging material. Lesser known to consumers, is that it can also reduce the impact of food waste on our environment.

A recent press release titled “Shrink Wrapping Cucumbers Better for the Environment Says Study” writes about the food waste, the huge consequence it is to our environment and the solution shrink wrap to reduce environment impact, increase cost efficiency and improve business profits. Certainly a win-win all around.

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New Shrink Wrap Machine In The News

Some exciting news for those wondering where to buy shrink wrap equipment in Canada and USA. A recent news release about a new installation by a packaging equipment distributor in Canada, shares a fantastic upgrade success story experience by a large packaging operation where they had installed a new Shanklin Shrink Wrapper called the “Shanklin Triumph 2″ also referred to as the “TR2″.

Highlight of press release, image and video about the new shrink wrapper installed and how it achieved better than expected cost savings.

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What is Stretch Wrap

Stretch Wrap is a plastic film that is stretched and wrapped around an item. Similar to shrink wrap only in that it is a plastic film, as it composition and packaging process differs (stretching film around an item vs wrapping loosley and heat shrinking a snug fit).

Depending on application, different types of stretch wrap is used, such as a bundling wrap, hand wrap, machine stretch wrapping pallets along with specialty films for each such as UV protection wraps, anti static stretch wrap (popular for electrical items) and more.

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What is Shrink Wrap

Shrink Wrap is a plastic wrap that shrinks when heat is applied. It is used in many packaging applications including: home, small busines, manufacturer packaging and warehouse shipping uses. There are various types of shrink wrap. Depending on application the type of shrink wrap can be different. Application options include manual and machine applied.

Next see overview info discussing what is shrink wrap.

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What is Shipping Supplies

Shipping Supplies is simply all the material products sourced to support the shipping process. Used in every business that has a tangible product that is then shipped (moved/ transferred) to another location. The location may be a customer in a direct sell or to storage, a warehouse or retailer or distributor. is a resource of helpful, insightful expert information to assist those in the receiving, handling or sending of shipping supplies.

Our goal is to make it easy those seeking to find the information desired and worthy of your bookmarking and sharing with your network.

Let’s jump right in, shall we.

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